Four Reasons You May Not Be Getting All The Minerals You Need

How 10th Powa vitamins for energy and weight loss can help

Not eating enough can be just as detrimental to your health as eating the wrong things.

Poor Food Choices

We all do it from time to time.  We know we shouldn’t, but that junk food option like fries or chips just looked so good! Most food choices can be okay in moderation, but making poor food choices regularly can cause your body to experience issues stemming from lack of vitamins and minerals. Working to fix this will include taking steps like making the right choices for food (including fruits and vegetables is a good step) and supplementing your diet with 10th Powa vitamins to help boost energy production and even weight loss!


Not eating enough can be just as detrimental to your health as eating the wrong things.

Not Eating Enough

Often, we confuse healthy food with a healthy diet.  Even if your food is healthy, if you aren't eating enough of it, it can become an unhealthy eating habit. Don’t let your healthy food decisions be in vain! Ways to combat not eating enough is to add small snacks to your diet throughout the day, or to add those snacks to your meals as sides. Make sure you supplement your healthy food choices with the right minerals and vitamins, by ordering 10th Powa vitamins!


Supplements can help you stay healthy for longer

Not Taking Supplements

Very few people get every single vitamin or mineral they need from their diet alone.  Even with healthy eating habits, it can still be challenging to know if you are taking in all the right stuff to keep your body functioning at its peak! By combining a healthy diet with vitamins for energy and weight loss like 10th Powa, you are creating a healthy habit that will support your health for years to come.


Hair loss or thinning can be a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

You May Have a Deficiency

Some people are predisposed to certain deficiencies.  They can be slight, where management consists of simply taking supplements daily, or severe, where a prolonged deficiency has developed into an illness. In most situations, you can help prevent deficiency-related disease by taking 10th Powa vitamins to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs before any problems worsen.