Four Ways You Can Use Sea Moss

How our sea moss supplement can promote optimal health!

The newest superfood on the block isn’t so new after all. Sea moss has been used in food for thousands of years all over the world. Historically used as a thickening agent for soups and stews, sea moss has been shown to have great health benefits. 10th Powa organic and vegan sea moss supplements are packed with all 102 of the minerals you need. Read on for four ways sea moss can improve your overall health.

With immune boosting vitamins and minerals, you won’t have to chug orange juice!

Boost Your Immune System

Early studies suggest that sea moss can have a significant impact on the immune system.  Packed with vitamins B2 and B12, a sea moss supplement can support optimal health.  Feel better and live confidently with the mega health combo pack by 10th Powa.  It comes with Sea Moss Gel for your overall health and Immune Boost juice to pack an extra punch for your health. 

Prevent gut problems with supplements from 10th Powa

Promotes Gut Health

We are finally starting to pay attention to the connection between our gut health and our overall health. The key to supporting optimal health is supporting a healthy gut microbiome. Packed with superfood sea moss, aloe to cleanse the colon, and black elderberry for antioxidants, the vegan capsule combo by 10th Powa has everything you need to keep your gut in check.

Boost testosterone and function with the help of 10th Powa Sea Moss

Improved Virility

Due to its high zinc content, sea moss is thought to help boost virility. Since zinc is known to have a substantial impact on testosterone, it leads to better body function and more stable hormone production in men and women!  The sea moss supplement duo from 10th Powa is packed with some of the most potent superfoods in the world to improve your vigor.

Healthy hair is an extra benefit of sea moss supplements!

Supports Healthy Hair

Sea moss contains plenty of vitamins which produce sebum, a naturally occurring oil that protects the hair follicle and supports hair growth.  To promote growth after hair loss, or just to keep your locks silky smooth, try the Sea Moss + Supercell Food Capsules by 10th Powa for easy hair care.  


Whether you’re looking for shinier hair, a happier tummy, or just to feel better overall, 10th Powa products are packed full of amazing superfoods to improve your overall health. If you’re interested in transforming your life with a sea moss supplement, contact 10th Powa today to find out more. Feel better and live confidently with 10th Powa vitamins and supplements for a healthy life!