8 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic Lovers Rejoice!

This tasty, fragrant spice does more than make your food delicious. Garlic is loaded with good-for-you vitamins and minerals like manganese, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and other antioxidants, including allicin. The health benefits of garlic have been recognized for centuries, ever since the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed it to help treat all kinds of illnesses for his patients. Now, modern medicine is embracing garlic’s healing properties too. A recent study reports that eating garlic may work to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow, so grab the freshest garlic cloves you can find and add them to your daily diet to reap these benefits for your body, or shop our supplements today. 

Better Blood Pressure

Garlic has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps blood flow through the body. Several studies found that blood pressure was lowered by 10% when the participant took garlic nutritional supplements. Keep in mind that the supplement doses are fairly high — 600 to 1,500 mg of aged garlic extract, which is the equivalent of roughly four cloves of garlic a day. Shop our supplements to find your own blood pressure helpers!

Lower Cholesterol

Garlic can also reduce cardiovascular disease risk by lowering your cholesterol. A group of study participants that took a garlic supplement saw their cholesterol levels go down over a period of five months. The key here is commitment; like many natural remedies, it takes a while for the benefits of garlic to kick in because you have to let the vitamins and minerals build up in your body. But adding garlic to your daily routine is a healthy way to develop a lifelong habit that can benefit you year after year.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Garlic is a natural way to help reduce heart disease risk because it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, but it’s also great at reducing the risk of heart disease because it helps to relax hardened blood vessels and prevent platelet aggregation. Garlic increases production of nitric oxide, which keeps blood vessels relaxed, and also prevents platelets from binding to proteins, which reduces internal blood clots. When it comes to vitamins and nutrients that are great for heart disease help, garlic’s got you covered!

Garlic for Colds and Flu

Digested garlic can help boost the immune system and reduce the severity and length of cold and flu symptoms. One study showed that taking a daily garlic supplement reduced the number of colds the participants experienced by 63%, and studies have also reported that the average length of cold symptoms were reduced from five days to a day and a half. Try adding more garlic to your meals or overall diet when you feel a cold coming on, or grab yourself our 10th Powa Immune Booster to help ward off illnesses! 

Better Athletic Performance

Ancient cultures used garlic to enhance performance and reduce fatigue for people performing physical labor. Eventually, the Olympic athletes in Greece started using garlic to enhance their athletic ability, as well. Now, modern athletes and regular folks use garlic to reduce exercise-induced fatigue. Some studies have shown that people with heart disease who took garlic oil for six weeks improved their peak heart rate by 12% and could exercise longer without feeling as tired. If you like to stay fit and love garlic, adding a little more to your daily diet may help you out with an endurance boost.

Stronger Bones

There is some evidence that garlic can help reduce bone loss by increasing estrogen in females, which can be a big win for your bone health after menopause. Adding a daily dose of garlic to your diet and nutrition could help reduce your risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. You, of course, still need to include other healthy foods to make a real impact on bone density, and dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fish, and nuts are all good choices. Make an easy addition to your diet by seasoning your salmon and spinach dinner with garlic for some extra nutrients and bone health help!

Improved Memory

Damage from free radicals contributes to aging, but garlic contains a powerful antioxidant to help battle that — S-allyl cysteine. This antioxidant can potentially protect against brain damage and keep your brain functioning better as you age. This nutrient works by increasing your brain’s blood flow, thanks to garlic’s ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. This means that adding garlic as a supplement to your diet could give you a reduced risk of brain disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Super Skin

Garlic is a superfood because it has so many beneficial properties: antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal. These all add up to big benefits for your skin. If you have acne, garlic can help kill bacteria on your skin, but you must be careful if you have sensitive skin. Garlic’s antioxidant qualities can help protect your skin and prevent damage from free radicals. Using a topical garlic extract over time can help with your acne and may have anti-aging effects as the garlic helps to increase the growth and longevity of your skin cells.

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