"Amazing product, it's give me lots of energy, strengthens my immune system and helps with my joint pain." - Lessie



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Integrating sea moss gel into your daily routine

10th Powa 100% Wildcraft pineapple Sea Moss Gel! 

Transform your health with the unparalleled power of our 10th Powa 100% Wildcraft Sea Moss Gel! Sustainably sourced from the pristine Caribbean Sea, this nutrient-dense superfood is packed with 92 essential minerals out of the 102 your body craves, offering a comprehensive and potent solution for optimal wellness. 🌟

✨ Embark on a Holistic Health Journey:

Skyrocket your energy levels and banish fatigue for good 💥

Fortify your immune system to thrive in peak condition 🛡️

Cultivate a happy gut with improved digestion 🥗

Enjoy radiant, youthful skin and strong, healthy joints 🦴🌸

Combat inflammation and mucus naturally with plant-based power 🌿

Age gracefully, fueled by potent antioxidants ⏳

Overcome anemia with an iron-rich, natural solution 💉

🍽️ Effortlessly Delicious and Nutritious:

breeze! Simply add one or two tablespoons to your favorite smoothies, juices, soups, stews, sauces, dressings, oatmeal, or yoghurt for a delightful, nutrient-packed boost that supports your quest for vibrant health. 🏆

👪 A Safe and Nourishing Choice for Everyone:

Our versatile sea moss gel is a worry-free option for kids, nursing mothers, and pregnant women. Share the joy of wellness with your loved ones and cultivate a healthier lifestyle together. 💕

🌿 Pure, Potent, and Ethically Sourced:

Our 10th Powa Sea Moss Gel is made from 100% wildcraft sea moss  meticulously harvested from the unspoiled waters of the Caribbean Sea. Trust in the purity, potency, and quality of our product as you unlock the best nature has to offer. 🌱

Start your wellness journey today and experience the life-changing benefits of this extraordinary superfood. 🚀💚


100% wild craft sea moss 

organic pineapple 

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